Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh, how I miss Paris!

There's just something about the French.
They do things right.
They eat excellent foods & stay thin.
They make gorgeous lingerie.
They speak french.
And they enjoy the finer things in life.

Its only been 2 months since I was last in Paris, but it seems like years ago. Paris is such a unique & lovely city. When I was there last I remember thinking "I feel at home." Finally. There's not many places (beside home) where I do feel at "home" I love Europe.
Sometimes I find myself driving past strip malls & vast parking lots here, wondering, "why am I living here?" Don't get me wrong, there is something so beautiful about living near family, but it is definitely not the urban sprawl.
This photo is from a french postcard. At the bottom it says "Bonne Fete" Which basically means Happy Holiday or direct translation "Good Holiday".
Its little pictures like this that remind me of all the good things about Paris. (Yes, there are some bad things about Paris too...aka the fact that everything is very expensive!)
Au revoir, Jjay

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