Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 has finally come....cold weather and all

Well it has been a long time dear blog of mine..
2013: A hard less than 12 total close friends of mine/and family died in the past year..
Sometimes it was tough just to keep going...
I listed and sold on ebay and etsy  and spent loads of times visiting hospitals, hugging grieving friends, going to funerals..even flying out of the country for one..

a long i hate to say i was happy to leave...

but it has passed..and with it all the adjustments that it means to have gone thru a year of grief.

There were good things in 2013,
we do have a new home, (equipt with a BIG photo room for my collection and shop)  a new grandchild...
and i still sell and collect photos...
loads of them...
and i still hunt for them...all the time...
and lately i have also been doing wedding planning and tablescapes..even won a contest for my tablescape..
(well 2nd place..but that is pretty good..when it is for the whole country, eh?)

So without further ado..(just had to let you know why you have not heard anything new)
I want to update my latest finds..

This past week was a winner...I was amazing to have found some of the cool ones i did!!!

I really found some nice i have a hard time selling them...but i have to pay for Christmas..still..
darling little girl with banana curls!
this weeks wonderful find is this charming little lady..isnt she a beauty??? Love the profile..the color, the wonderful lace dress..oh this one is frameable..oh yes it is!!

and even more of this charming young miss...
Darling little girl with her favorite dolly!
and oh so much better in person!!Don't you love her playing with her favorite dolly!!

love the hair....i think they did them with long strips of fabric...and rolled them up... beautiful...sometimes when life is tough..we have to remember these days.....

happy photo hunting!!

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