Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 has finally come....cold weather and all

Well it has been a long time dear blog of mine..
2013: A hard less than 12 total close friends of mine/and family died in the past year..
Sometimes it was tough just to keep going...
I listed and sold on ebay and etsy  and spent loads of times visiting hospitals, hugging grieving friends, going to funerals..even flying out of the country for one..

a long i hate to say i was happy to leave...

but it has passed..and with it all the adjustments that it means to have gone thru a year of grief.

There were good things in 2013,
we do have a new home, (equipt with a BIG photo room for my collection and shop)  a new grandchild...
and i still sell and collect photos...
loads of them...
and i still hunt for them...all the time...
and lately i have also been doing wedding planning and tablescapes..even won a contest for my tablescape..
(well 2nd place..but that is pretty good..when it is for the whole country, eh?)

So without further ado..(just had to let you know why you have not heard anything new)
I want to update my latest finds..

This past week was a winner...I was amazing to have found some of the cool ones i did!!!

I really found some nice i have a hard time selling them...but i have to pay for Christmas..still..
darling little girl with banana curls!
this weeks wonderful find is this charming little lady..isnt she a beauty??? Love the profile..the color, the wonderful lace dress..oh this one is frameable..oh yes it is!!

and even more of this charming young miss...
Darling little girl with her favorite dolly!
and oh so much better in person!!Don't you love her playing with her favorite dolly!!

love the hair....i think they did them with long strips of fabric...and rolled them up... beautiful...sometimes when life is tough..we have to remember these days.....

happy photo hunting!!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Life's moments

I found some really wonderful children's that so many of you love to collect..
Children's photos are great..because they capture that moment in time when all things are new ....

I have a grandson these days and my daughter is expecting #2! Well, my grandson is 19months old ..and is a handful...yet everything is so exciting to him..
his very favorite thing in the world are dogs! (we have 2) so he is over daily..playing with the dogs..
although he doesn't quite talk..he often barks..telling us he wants to see the dogs!!

When I saw this reminded me of that wonderful look of wonder...
When all the world is full of hope and life..

oh may we remember what it is like to be a child..and keep that in our own hearts...


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Portraits ~ Stories a face can tell

I love old portraits..I love the art that a face has...and this week for sale on eBay, I have many portraits (ok, I usually have many portraits!!) but this week, I have quite a few that I LOVE. I mean, I looked at them and went..WOW..if only we could know the stories these faces could tell.

One of the things I did when I was young was go to Antique stores and buy old cabinet photos. I would look at the old pictures and make up stories about the faces...making up characters for stories..making them good or evil..or a bit of both! must check out some portraits!! God's work of art!!

have a great week!!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 ~ A New Year!

Well...after a Long hiatus from my blog...
I had a daughter's wedding, a best friend with brain cancer, a father with bone cancer, a daughter who just announced a new other has been a lot lately...

So I did what every woman wants to do...
I took off work, redid my office, which meant fixing the walls, repairing the problems with the electrical (ok, it is an Old house!) putting up crown molding, painting, getting new office furniture..and reorganizing my photos..

It has been fun..a bit crazy...especially when my entire office ended up in the living room...

but today it is finished, the furniture is in...and i am cleaning out the living room!!
Spring cleaning really helps during tough times...

I have so many beautiful photos that I will be showing you soon...I have been getting some real art photos..
I am so in love with them..things that are not just the ordinary..but the rare..and beautiful..

hope your winter is good..and that if things are hard a bit of house keeping helps ...

cathi  ( some photos of Daughter Hayleys Wedding...soo beautiful!!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well, if you look at my last post compared to my post will see that
I have not posted in 6 months!! Crazy..
Well, Do  I have a story to tell you..
 a few months ago, I had a daughter with a broken heart..
She and her boyfriend of 3+ years broke up..he just decided he did not want to be married and she, who lived overseas came back home.

To say she was devastated would be an understatement. This was the man she was planning her life with.

So, she picked herself up, worked like crazy..and my small house got full real fast as she kept trying to keep going..

But as most fairy tales go..
Suddenly ..he realized that there really was no one like her...

so he came her from another country..moved his whole life...left his family..friends..
to marry the woman of his dreams..

and (it took my daughter a few moments) she said yes...and the last few months we have been planning a wedding...

He was just scared...

and she..just realized she couldnt live without him..

so i have been juggling planning a wedding, doing my business and life in general...

but in the meantime..i was a bit busy doing some fun things...with photos..
and wanted to show you..

(also have used these in wonderful decorating!!)






now these were done with an upgrade in a program where you can color the faces in..and use airbrush..this is all online and wow is it worth it..
when i worked on these, it was like the people came alive!!

hopefully when this wedding is over (i only have 10 more days!!)
then i will be able to show you ways i used some of these for decor in is soo fun!!

anyhow..signing off for now..this is the frazzled but happy mother of the bride..

cathi is a photo of the happy couple..yes, we have a good photographer!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh the glamour of the 20s! Todays Academy Awards

So this is the photo I am featuring this absolutely romantic...
I love the style..the composition and the romance of the early 20s era

I always...always am hunting for 20s photo..
and especially those wonderful Vaudeville photos...I mean they are simply beautiful......

So the other day I was looking at the news and found out that there is another movie filming where it has the fashions of the 20s, and once again Marion Cotillard is wearing the most beautiful of people are wondering if there will be a revival of fashion from this era..

Wow..I hope so!! I hope that this is a new trend, that we take some of the beauty of the 20s and look at it again...

The academy awards this year feature Hugo (take a look at the fashions in this one ~ especially at the end of the movie!! ..sooo magical!!) Midnight in Paris, (love that one!! how absolutely fun!!), and the Artist..(ok, I have not seen this yet..but I will!!)

It was in an era where there was so much change, and the fashions were amazing................



Monday, January 23, 2012

When I say STUNNING...I mean it!!

So I am surrounded by photos...and actually I do throw away old photos that are ripped, wrecked, too faint..etc.. Sometimes, yes, it makes me cringe..but it is because I am looking for the BEST...or at least the Different..or the really cute...

But when I list STUNNING in an auction..
it means..
it is the BEST

years ago, we used to be able to advertise our best items. on eBay...and now that is no longer an with 1,469,0000 + is hard to stand out...

so i write stunning...or Stunning...or Amazing Stunning...or STUNNING..either way it means..
Stop, Look, you wont find one this good for awhile...

This week, I listed quite a few "Stunnings" ...Just decided...ah it is a cold winter..and I have so many pretty photos...and well..I guess it is time to put some out there..

This is of a darling little ballerina...She is perfect...and hard to get rid of...but I did it..and listed it as STUNNING, because I see it in person..and she really is...........

keep watching for the best............

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