Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I teared up today watching the Inauguration. I would have cried but I was in a gym full of people who seemed not to care. Everything kept going on as history was being made. I wanted to shout across the gym "STOP! Doesn't anyone care?" but I didn't because I'm sure they do care, but at that moment they cared much more about themselves & working out not to notice .

It was then that I realized that History is made all around us & often times we miss it. As I watched I wondered if years from now I would remember where I was on this day.

You know what I mean, everyone remembers where they were on September 11th, or JFK's assasination. There are a few moments like that in my life as well:
My first kiss
When I first learned to Drive (with my dad in a church parking lot)
When Mother Teresa died
The weekend of the 2005 Tsunamis ( We were at Disney world, which made that reality all that much worse) & Hurricane Katrina.
And possibly today .... I wonder.

Years from now will the future "vintage items" be Obama pictures & memorabilia? (Obama + memorabilia=Obamabilia) Most assuredly yes!!

This photo would sell well....Its an old photo of Our President Barack Obama in 1963 in Hawaii.

No seriously today was a special day. A day of hopes realized & of dreams come true.
How powerful to stand with our African American brothers & sisters and affirm them. Affirm that they can make a difference & change their communities. How powerful that President Obama can shake the hands of the old Party boys, join the ranks of 43+ of the most powerful white men in history and stand in solidarity with his other half...I am impressed & I am blessed by this.

And then the most amazing thing happened...Later in the evening I watched Bush's welcoming home speech. He seems 20 years younger already & told a lot of funny jokes. Somewhere inside of me, the frustration with him melted away and I appreciated the fact that he had worked hard as president. Its not easy being president...
Good Luck & God's Blessings President Obama (you're going to need it ;)


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