Monday, June 13, 2016

Creative photos color tinted by

It is time for parties!
In my spare time of being Grandmother, selling old photos, and hunting for the latest cool things to make,  I am also a party planner and recently I got excited about making a mannequin made out of photos of some of my past pictures..
It is for a wedding shower of a costume designer, I knew she would appreciate it...and I wanted to share them with you all..

First, I started out with scans, these are now other people's photos, but you can see what you can do with what you have..

and here goes..

thought you all might enjoy..there are scads more..but just a few photos show what you are able to do...stay tuned to the project, it should be done in another being creative!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Springtime is once again in the air!! (Whew!! thought that winter would never end!)

We live in Chicago, that means that much of the times, we live indoors, during those cold months..but when the seasons change...we love to be out!
So this week, the sun stayed longer in the sky, the snow finally left and spring has come (my allergies have proven it!)
Recently, I have been crafting banners and wedding well as my true passion, collecting photos. Here are a few of my faves:

Truly from a different era! The top photo..I love..because it shows the dramatic of the early 1900s...
The second, I think she might even be pregnant, since I have yet to see a dress from that era without a waiste accented. The bottom, well that is spring to me, the dog out, the jacked on..but there are shorts..oh and there is also a kodak box!! (now where is kodak today?)

Some cool photos to look at....

Sunday, March 6, 2016

over a year and I am finally here again...what happened?

Blogs can be so addictive in the beginning, writing as much as you can..and then time goes by and it falls off..until here I am foolishly admitting how negligent I have been in my photo so sorry...(of course I have excuses, we all have excuses!!)

Well, here are a few things that I have learned in these past many months:

#1. Time goes fast and memories are what you have to hang on to
(so take some photos)

#2. There are never enough photos to capture a moment (although the iphone with the moving photo is really cool!!)

#3 Most people never mark when the photo was taken and where it is

#4 That photos are definitely becoming a thing of the past and soon they will be extinct (so sad!! and yet they are becoming so much more valuable!)

I have also learned that with grandkids..there is never enough time because you are trying to get the most out of what you are doing with them..and afterwards because you are a grandparent and quite a bit older than you were when you had are pooped...

So, enough of that on to

Photo news:

Well....let's see, if you have been following my auctions, you will see that
this past year I was able to land some AMAZING dance photos..always a plus!!
I also scored some amazing Wedding photos and some amazing portraits of well as various other cool finds..
but I will say that it is painfully obvious to me that this is getting harder and harder to find..and the prices are getting higher and higher..
but that is for me on my end, I still try to start low in my auctions and put up good prices in my store and work hard to either show great quality photos or great subject matter photos..or when it is really will get both!!

This week I am featuring a few that are my favs and I will show you them here:
a rare photograph measuring 5.5x8 of a man with a beard dated 1890  real neat glimpse into the past.

an ethereal dancer with a dress that was definitely copied 50 years later by a major design company.

a true work of art... this photo would be amazing framed in a home~
Have I told you how much I love photos..oh yes...that is know that!!

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