Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What do you do with all your old photos?

Often, when I am mailing out photos to some of my customers..I am caught wondering..
what do they do with their photos?

Now I have all kinds of customers..some are painters..so I imagine the photos hung all around the room for inspiration.

Then I know I have customers who use them for collage art, so I picture them scanning endlessly and working very carefully to create just the perfect image.

Others work with fashion, and I am sure they stare at the fashions deciding what can they do with the fashions of old to blend with today.

Then there are the advertisers.. I am still hoping to see one of my old photos on a Geicko commerical!

And there are the collectors....
I am one of those..

you can come into my home at any given time..and find all sorts of pretty images framed and around my house, hanging on a wall..and in a beautiful frame on a book shelf..
they look like family..but i have no idea who they are..

I collect because an image strikes me..not because it is a big name, tho there are collectors that do that..
or because it is a certain era..
nope it is all about the photo for me..

that is why I list from so many different eras..I just fall in love with the photos..

What do You do with all your photos???


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Springtime is trying hard to get here....

A few nights ago, there was the biggest moon because it was supposed to be closer to earth...in fact, it was so rare you weren't supposed to see another one like it until 2029

well...it was foggy, and rainy..and i kept checking and checking..
no moon!

then..the other day here in the Chicago area..it was getting warm..I had a light jacket on..it was so wonderful...

tonight it snowed..

but you cant fool me..i know that spring is coming...........
i saw the pregnant robin the other day...

saw this beautiful photo and wanted to share it with you...
it is on auction this week..

oh and i apologize for not updating..

i think it was between, a vacation with the hubby, then i got sick..a long cold that didn't want to go away, and then the hubby with a long cold that didn't want to go away..being glued to the television with all the latest news ...

anyhow..excuses aplenty..i just didnt post..

but i found this photo..and thought..

Spring is coming...

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