Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am a long time doll lover. As a child my mother use to take me to a place called Shirley's Dollhouse. It was there that I was able to pick out my first doll. I had been given dolls before that, but my first time picking out my own doll was a big deal. I can still remember how crowded that shop was, and what a tough decision it was for a little girl to choose one lovely doll or another lovely doll. As I grew older I added many dolls to my collection. One in particular I found in my mother's old store, that she used for a display. I remember asking how much it cost & returned the next day with all the pennies I could find.
What is our strange bond to our dolls? We name them, we take care of them, and even today its hard for me to just shove them in a box in storage.
This Photo captures a girls love for dolls. It shows them playing with them, talking about them & to them. The picture at the top in a way illuminates the human nature of the dolls.
Funny, I can remember taking "wedding photos"of my barbies marriages (don't even get me started on barbies!!). This collection of photos is from an excellent photographer named Allen J De Lay. He worked for the Oregonian Newspaper in Portland, Oregon. Chatham Ho Store is featuring many of his photos if you want to see more or buy these :) Its a great feeling to sell work from a photographer, the quality of the work is so high & so unique. enjoy! Jjay

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catherine simms said...

in the top picture of the dolls..the doll on the far left is one that i had..i used her as the mom to my barbies..
ahhhhh love those dolls!

cathi said...

Really? is she still around? Is that why she is so familiar?

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