Friday, January 30, 2009

the approach of the cupid

(this photo is from 1909, now on auction, my favorite of the week-beautiful baby dressed up as cupid!)

Cupid is coming!

I've seen him hanging from the fixtures at CVS, the candy aisle at the grocery store, & popping up on many websites.

Cupid cant help but remind me of the valentines days when i was not married...when i was waiting & hoping to be struck by his arrow!
when you're married or in a relationship the bar gets set pretty high, but when you're not in any relationship at all, a simple grade school valentine will do.

funny how we expect so much, how stores, ads, & movies set us up for unrealized goals. although i don't want their kind of valentines day in my head i'm always thinking of what he should get me for valentines day: "oh, those roses would be nice" or "wow, i would love to have him make me dinner like they did in (insert movie title)

Who is cupid anyhow?

Cupid (according to Wikipedia) is from Roman Mythology & was the god of erotic love & beauty.
Then how come he is so often pictured as a small helpless cherub?

while i do not believe that cupid is a god, i do believe that Love is a force...that God is LOVE.

this God of love is a lot stronger than the cutey with the bow & arrow. although that lends itself to a poignant word picture. why was the cupid used a symbol of love?
Is that how love is?
One moment you don't even believe in love and then suddenly out of nowhere it strikes you, and at that moment you are completely different than you were before. You change because love is so strong, it overwhelms the other wavering emotions & sets things straight.

I guess its true.... "to love & be loved--is the best gift in this world"

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