Saturday, January 31, 2009

its time for take off!

another allan de lay photo from portland, OR (his are my favorite to list, they are easy to describe, scan well, and they are such unique 1950s images)

there is just something so satisfying about selling something you treasure.
i stare at a single picture for a while, post it, describe it, & then check at every possible moment to see if it sells. When it does i am ecstatic! who knew that i would find so much excitement from selling a single picture?
the best part is that i know when someone purchases something they are going to get something better than what they can see in the scanned photo. Our photos are always better than the scanned images! you cant say that about a lot of things.
ebay is an interesting world. it is filled with the unexpected, from constant changes in the html code (grr) to selling pictures i never dreamed would go so high, or not selling pictures that i thought would.

in a way its a tiny microcosm of american society. in the old days people use to go to their town auction houses to bid on items they could normally not afford. today they go to ebay.
but the economy is affecting everyone and i found out an alarming statistic. january of last year we had 6x's the amount of people visting our pages!! its funny, i would have expected sales to go up--seeing as one can determine their own price for an item (you dont have to spend an arm & a leg!). i guess one never knows... heres to the hope that sales will begin to take off once more, not only for me, but for all of the sellers who are supporting their families....

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marianne said...

hi! I know about the economy. I am a photo seller on ebay as well. I sell vintage photos and I also have a blog about vintage photos and my art. I am working twice as hard to earn half as much. Last night I watched pres obama and his wife give Stevie Wonder an award from Gershwin estate. It made me feel so much better about the economy that someone is in there who really cares and that might make a change, hopefully for the world and AMerica. I love your blog and feel we have much in common... besides Sandra as dear friends!!! best to you I will check back again, Marianne
ps stop bymy blog.. love to have you.

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