Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st Communion headpieces from years ago..

Well, I am back from my overseas trip...and after flying standby and waiting thru 5 different flights til we got on, a broken down train in France..and loads of miles to go..I saw my beautiful international daughters...and am full of mommy love..and am sad to get back home...


i found some really pretty photos..along the way...and had to show them to you!!
Isn't this the coolest headpiece??

It was from a studio years ago named Sol Young, which I have found are incredible photos..
Here is an excerpt from an article i found on line about him:

" Sol. Young opened his first photographic studio in Union Square, New York in 1893. By the turn of the century he was operating at six separate premises, starting in Brooklyn, New York and Newark, New Jersey, and later spreading to Philadelphia and Connecticut. By the time of his death on 23 September 1921, there were eighteen studios. He was also one of the pioneers in the pastel and crayon industry."

Sometimes, I randomly run across these kinds of things...and they are simply a step above most other photos..

So this is my 1st Communion girl..guess it was all that visiting churches in France, and looking up family..that made this one catch my eye..
but it is a beauty, eh??

and what about that headpiece!!

have a great summer...........and a happy 4th!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going to see my girls........

Well, summer has begun and I am getting to see my daughters...
I have recently aquired SO many COOL photos..but you will have to wait a bit til I get back
so that I can list another day!!

until then...enjoy the warm, your family...and make magical memories


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

American Idol and summer!!

Ok...so it was a crazy couple of weeks..
Why haven't I posted? Well.....we just happen to live right near where the latest American Idol winner lived...
meaning ..
we were completely caught up in IDOL mania!
From banners to Tshirts, to every restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, you name it..there was no where that his songs weren't playing and VOTE 4 LEE was everywhere!

Oh and when he had his hometown visit...we had a phone call from the police telling us which roads to take that day so that we wouldn't get stuck!! it was crazy ...EVERYONE was caught up in it!! we even got tickets to the hometown event along with 41,000 people in our town!!
a paint salesman that worked only minutes from our home and mixed our paint last year in our last reno project...the other night he was on Larry King...what a difference a year makes!

So...it was a crazy time...and soooo much fun!!

and then FINALLY..last week, the finale came and Lee Dewyze won!!
( yes, I LOVED crystal..but this WAS a hometown boy!)
Lee's banners were everywhere..the screams were genuine and finally after all these weeks, we all are breathing a collective sigh of relief as summer has come, idol is over and we and our entire town can get back to regular life!!

SO back to photos!!...This week, I am featuring some cool snapshots that i happen to run across..that show the JOY of summer...
don't you just love summer??

Today, my hubby and I walked around a lake...with the ducks..kids running around...people out fishing, the wind was in our hair.. and .ahhhh i could taste the freedom that this wonderful weather brings!

anyhow..just wanted to give a short update and wish you ALL a happy healthy summer!!
and i will be posting more ideas of things to do with photos..
Listed on this page is ETSY and in it are things I have made with photos during the past few weeks, I keep trying to make some new things and put them up from time to time...
hey it is great for mental health!!

SO have a glass of ice tea..put your feet up and enjoy the warm weather!
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