Sunday, January 11, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Daughter Jjay is working with me!

This is me and my beautiful daughter Jjay....
For the next few months, I have to go through all my mom's things...and get her house and estate straightened I have taught my daughter Jjay to list for me..and she will be taking over the correspondence of the photos and the blog in the next few weeks...
She is a real you will probably get a lot more information from least I know you will get more antidotes! She has now fallen in love with photos too..and I have actually walked her through my photo room..and she has found all sorts of special images to post!
I also recently aquired a large ( and I mean LARGE) estate of photos from a photographer from Oregon...a newspaper man..oh one of my favorite types to list...because they are sooo fun!
So you will be seeing loads of NEW NEW fun items...lots of BEAUTIFUL wedding photos...and there are even some one of a kind CHERUBS coming soon!!
I cant wait to have her help me...(I am a happy momma!) so in the next week, if the writing looks better..and the blog is updated...well..that is my beautiful Jjay
2009 will be fine.....

1 comment:

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love the old wedding photos, too! Hope you and your daughter have fun working together.
xo Lidy

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