Thursday, February 26, 2009

The best investments....

During times like these its important to remember that the best things in life are free. No tax, no government, no stupid news shows will ever take those away from you!

Here is a list of a few treasured investments that have not lost their value in recent times :)
A good laugh on the phone with my mom
The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven
Remembering fun memories through old photos
Dancing in my car to a great album
The awesome feeling of having completed a fat burning workout!
Comfy down comforters
A loving kiss...

[This photo comes from the estate of Allan J De Lay, Portland photographer for the Oregonian Newspaper. It is so adorable, I couldn't resist blogging it! It made me remember that there is no price tag on fun moments like this. ]
(You win!! A great color tinted photo will be on its way to your home!)

The best title for the weird photo below is:

"I'm her. He's me"

***Thanks to everyone who participated. Those who didn't--you missed out! If you are too scared to write because you don't want to sign up to blogger--just do it! Its a painless process & they won't send you spam or sell your info. It would be fun to hear from everyone who reads this, I would love the feedback! Plus it would encourage me to write more often!**

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

People are Funny Photo CONTEST!!!

The world is filled with them, and yet sometimes I still cannot understand them!
People are funny creatures.
We all are.
Getting to know another funny creature only reinforces that idea. And because people are funny, so are their photos, or the artifacts they leave behind.
Take a look at this Hand Colored Vintage Photo


I need a great title-this one deserves it!!
Too many titles come to mind.....
Have fun!
Be creative not crass! Jjay

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peering into another world...

I should be used to this already. I've moved countless times.
Something inside me though just cannot understand.
I think it is that when I move to a new place I carry with me the expectations of the old.
Its almost as if I'm on the outside looking in, wondering if anyone can see my face peering out that hole.

Thankfully there is a liberating sense of adventure, like I'm a spy from a different world. Its exciting to learn my way around, to discover new little stores, & to walk fresh paths. The sense of loneliness & separation, unfortunately, creep in & try to overwhelm the adventurous spirit at times. Its then that I fight back & remember that I'm not alone peering out this window.

I guess that is why this photo is one of my favorites.
This vintage 1950s Photo is from Allan J. De Lay's personal collection(photographer for the Oregonian). I think it is of his kids. They are so cute looking out the window at the world below. I wonder what they see??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The day of ones birth...

The amazing part about birthdays is that even though I hate celebrating my own, I LOVE to celebrate other peoples!! Happy Birthday to my husband, my mother-in-law, best friend, & grandma, who have birthdays this coming week!!

This adorable Vintage Real Photo Postcard Photo was my favorite find this week. So fitting. I just love that he has a homemade birthday cake sitting next to him with only one candle in it. It is dated July 12, 1948. A very historic year for many reasons. One of them, being it was the birth year of the state of Israel. Also, Mahtma Ghandi was assasinated & the game Scrabble was introduced to the public....
Birthdays are a funny thing. My philosophy is to just enjoy them while you have them. While it may be awkward to accept cards & pats on the back from coworkers & friend it can be encouraging to remember that you are appreciated & loved, at least on this day. The day of your birth.

Monday, February 9, 2009

leap year...

I found this great photo among my Portland, Oregon collection & for obvious reasons made me think about leap year. Last year February 29th, 2008 was leap year day. Who knew? I don't think I even realized that last year consisted of 366 days! February consisted of 5 fridays & the next occurrence of 5 Fridays in the month of February is in 2036!! (leap year is every 4 years) I will be my mothers age by then! I wonder how the world will change... how much will a gallon of milk cost?

Since I forgot to celebrate it, and I'm assuming a few others might have forgotten to celebrate it--Happy Late Leap Year! Hope everyone is sticking to their New Years Resolutions...its been more than a month~now is when we begin to forget we ever made resolutions!
Revive those resolutions & get to work on renewing your body, soul, mind, & relationships.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

The single day of one's wedding could very well be the most memorable day in one's life.

Every moment of that day is planned.
Every item worn, given, or received has been uniquely designed.

When I think back to my own wedding, I can remember it like it was yesterday (well it wasn't too long ago, but still) No other day compares.

Today, when I look at wedding photos, I can't help but think that this is the Bride (& Groom's) most memorable day of their life (whether it worked out or not it is still memorable!!).
Sure it was 50+ years ago, but the emotions & thoughts were still the same.

Treasured photos can come in many different sizes & shapes. A worn out crumpled picture might be someone's trash or their last photo of their beloved dog. One never knows. A wedding photo, however, is a guaranteed magical moment.

Enjoy this magical moment of a unique bride wearing spectacles... Isn't she lovely? Jjay

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