Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Valentine Vignette (featuring daughter!!)

Many years ago..I owned a bridal I took photos of my daughter when she would model flowergirl dresses...
This is from that collection.. (my daughter is now these are from years ago!)

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

GROWTH!! 3+ weeks and counting!!

knew you wanted the LATEST PUPPY UPDATE!!
(i am heading out to see them in just a few weeks..should be crazy fun!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Their eyes are open!

Watch them grow!!
The latest puppy photos!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

More Changes...and the beauty of Old photos

It is the 8th of February and I sit getting ready for a major snow storm about to fall..something that many of you out there are already used to this season... we "hunker down" I took to reading the discussion boards for us Ebay sellers...and wanted to let you all know one of the latest developments in the Ebay world.

In a few weeks ( about 6 weeks to be exact) all the stores on ebay will be opened up and all the merchandise will be in CORE..which means..that there will be SO MUCH TO SEE!
I am not sure the reasoning why this is was tried many years ago..and it was really cluttered...and we were all afraid the site would crash...soo much stuff....

but Ebay has decided to roll this out once again..

but so YOU know...if you love auctions..(which I DO!)
then there is the AUCTION ONLY tab...that you can press..which should make things a little easier to fact instead of 74,000 + photographic images that we have now to look at will probably be seeing more like 1,000,000 is ALOT OF STUFF...
and it could get a bit overwhelming... so practice using the tabs that they have put all over should help some...

With all this new competition what is going to set us sellers apart??

Well, that is something that I have been working on these past few months..which brings us to the next subject...
Beautiful old photos...

I have decided to continue to STREAMLINE my own store. I will continue to be working on selling QUALITY that are beautiful.....focusing on photos before the 1950s

I have been fortunate to find a few large estates full of really fabulous photos..
I mean photos that are in excellent condition..and are old and beautiful...

My main love is to find beautiful photos that look like art...
Photos that can stand on their own..and take on a new life...and be hung on a wall ...used in design..put in a frame next to your desk...

This photo that I have pictured here is MILVIA WARNER..and she was a real person..who was a bright woman that worked in Archeology and did some great work.....but before all of that..she was from family that had her picture taken..and all the photos from this family were beautiful......ones that can be framed and hung on any wall..

That is what I love about old with a story..and photos that take on a new life as an adorning ornament in a room...

well..the snowstorm is on it's way.....but keep your eyes open to the beautiful photos that we have posted ....


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Musings on portraits.....and a blog contest...

Ok, I admit it...if you have seen my store you must know..I love portraits..
I just love them.

Some people take pictures of places when they have a camera...
"oh my, I must take a picture of this statue"

but at the end of the day..
the thing that everyone REALLY wants to see..years later are all the photos of the people.
"did little Jerry every really look THAT little?"
" is, I miss her..what a great photo!!"

and then there is me..
I have to remind myself..
"Cathi ..take a picture of the place!! you want to remember what this looks like"
but instead it is always the people...always about the people..

and when i am hunting for photos..
I ALWAYS or ALMOST ALWAYS 9 times out of 10 come away with photos of PEOPLE

portraits and portraits and more portraits.

and when i sigh about a is ALWAYS a portrait..

so i have accepted it...
if you want to find beautiful portraits...well we will ALWAYS have them...
sure some will be different than others..some more breathtaking..some with more character..but Portraits ARE my first love...

I think it is the fact that these faces are like art...done by the GREATEST ARTIST EVER!


now for the other info...
JJAY has a is named Catherine Simms photos...and
on her blog she is running a contest on UGLIEST BRIDE

so cast your vote!!
here is the link Catherine Simms

and have a glamorous portrait filled week!!
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