Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving & Dancing

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.

You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.

~Martha Graham

I love dance photos..maybe because these days, I am older, don't move as fast or as well..but in my soul..there is a dancer inside. It could be a piece of music that makes the dancer within me begin to twirl...or it could looking at a large field in a distance...and picturing running and dancing through it...

The photos of the early 1900s dance..to me are the most beautiful..

this next month, I will be listings some special dance photos from several collections that I have found...

so as you think of what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving, give yourself a moment...
dance in your heart as you think of those things...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jesse James is in the house!

could this be Jesse?

a couple of gun slingers..and in Jesse's gang of outlaws tintype

Belle Starr..Jesse's one true love?

Well, I am so sorry it took me so long to post..but wow, i have been wading thru Jesse James stuff..

So now it is up on Ebay and will be due on Monday, Nov 20

Things began to go so high, that I decided to save some stuff and not list it and give it to the high bidder..
so the highest bidder is in for some real surprises, letters from Jesses grandson, a negative of his wife..and oh so much more..it is crazy all this Jesse stuff.

Years ago, I used to visit St Joseph Missouri..such a neat town. It was where my mother's step fathers 2nd wife (got that? so basically No relation) lived. Well, she never had kids, and her name was Millie . We called her Aunt Millie.

She used to take us to the Patee house, and I remember all the Jesse James things, the pony express things..

well in this historians collection I even found original dees for the Pattee house..crazy!

So this was quite a fun find..

Take a look if you are interested in Jesse...he is in the house right now..but not for long!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

St Joseph MO Madinger Shoe Store- Jesse James?

Well this batch is turning out to be a mystery for sure!!
I went to the auction bought BOXES of crazy stuff...and there are notes on just about everything..but dont have a clue what it all means!

I do know that the person who loved Jesse James seems to have looked for everyone that looked like him, claimed they were him and so on...
so there are so many wild and wierd things...

But this is a batch of cabinet photos..on auction right now..
the one is supposedly Frank and his sister...
now is it Frank James?? I do not know really...but it is with all the goodies...

Then there is the Madinger shoe Store..in St Joseph Missouri...what does that mean..
I really dont know..but apparantly alot to this collector..as i found notes and notes on the Madinger family and their shoe store..

well..this is up to you history sleuths..

anyway..these are some pretty neat Cabinet photos!!

More to come....
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