Monday, July 28, 2008

Why can't We dress like that?

Each day, I get up and throw on my jeans, a baggy shirt and go about my day. Never really stopping to "dress up" too much, only on great occassions of course. Naturally I never really give this any thought, but tonight as I was looking at some of my photos.. you know the ones of those beautiful women from 1900..the ones with the ALL SO TIGHT waistes and the ALL SO BEAUTIFUL lace.. I began to think about the clothing I was wearing...

The 1900s clothing was soo beautiful..women looked soo lovely..their hair almost perfect..

Now, I can see why in the the 1920s, the tight waistes were thrown out for drop waistes..and I can really understand why the women changed the fashion and how liberated they must have felt......but have I taken that liberation too far that the last time I wore a dress was at a wedding months ago...


well, I am not going to be wearing a Victorian dress anytime soon...but stilll the beauty of it....
This week, in my store, I will be featuring many beautiful dresses of beautiful ladies from a time, i can only dream of.....



footnoteMaven said...


How many times, as I sit in in baggy pants and a T-Shirt, have I wondered the same thing.

Then I read the articles of old and know why.

But you ask the correct question - Have we taken it too far?


P.S. Is she wearing my favorite fashion accessory?

cathi said...

Dear miss foot (smile!)
oh she is IS wearing your favorite accessory!

i am sure we have taken it too far..
but i am still wearing my baggy jeans.. this heat..what else can we do..wear silk?

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