Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A "Kodak" Moment

For the past 15 years, I have had the priveledge of taking young people out of the country on mission trips every summer. When the trips are over, I always ask them, "What is your "kodak" moment?" This is "THAT" moment that you want to keep with you and remember..that moment in time that is a snapshot in your heart.

Well, this year, my mother who is 91 has been ill, and this is the first summer in many years that I have stayed home and have spent my summer with her. Although I love her, it has been a bit sad, and I have missed being out of the country
So last night, some good friends from overseas came to visit. They arrived late and we wanted to take them out to eat, but in our area, the only thing open late are Greek Restaurants. They are mostly wonderful coffeehouses with huge menus and lots of coffee. So we headed to one a few towns over (where they were staying). But walking into the restaurant, we noticed things had changed. The restaurant had opened a patio "beer garden" for the summer and the inside of the restaurant was closed. So we sat outside in the beer garden with our friends, and found a lush garden, waterfall, mediterranean music, in short..the atmosphere was incredible! Then the owner came out, and told us he would make us a was full of fresh vegetables, chicken kabobs, and topped off with watermelon...

for a moment I was whisked my overseas adventures as I sat with great a beautiful unique environment...and I found my "kodak moment"....knowing that even when it is least expected little miracles can appear.

What does this have to do with old photos?
Everything!! These lovely old gems are pieces of others "kodak" moments..slices of times kept to remember an important moment..
May this summer give you many "kodak" moments...and hopefully...some miracles along the way!!


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