Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wedding photos and a Senior Center

Today was a fun day! My mother is 91 years old and recently she moved into a retirement home. She has become very social these days with 3 meals a day with all her new friends! I try to visit her daily, and wanted to help out if I could. So, since I sell photos and have LOADS of wedding photos, I offered to do a presentation on Weddings. This afternoon, I decorated the whole room with LOTS of wedding photos, and my own Bridal gown..and talked about styles of weddings through the years..and then I asked everyone to tell their own stories.. the room was full of some of the nicest ladies with happy memories of Great love that lasted for years and years!

There was Betty, (she is wearing the dark vest in the photo and she is almost 100 years young!) she was married in 1929. Her memory of her wedding day was how beautiful it was, the outdoor event, the lovely flowers......BUT, when it was all over and the excited bride and groom went upstairs (the floor above her parents home) to their new apartment after the reception, they suddenly realized they had forgotten one thing...they had forgotten to get a bed! So she had to go to her parents home and he went to his parents home on their wedding night! The next day they went to New York, and she said: "That is where we really started our life together" They were happily married 63 years.

Then there was the man who wept as he told the story of his wife. (he is in the photograph) His name is Ray. He loved his wife and still misses her dearly, he cried as he looked at the photo..and we all were feeling soo very touched by his reaction until he said: "and now I get to be here and meet all the single ladies I want!" we all roared!

There was the woman that had been married 65 years and was married during the depression, feeling that 2 really could live cheaper than one..they fell in love and married as fast as they could!

So many beautiful stories..some of the residents brought photos..there were many tears..but mostly it was a great time... and they even served us all wedding cake!

Tonight, I have posted some wedding photos in my store (you will always find vintage wedding photos in my store) This is a wedding portrait that was done by a man in Michigan in the 1940s/50s, I acquired his estate a few months ago.

They are beautiful images...and I have alot..most are one of a kind..there are very few duplicates in this collection..and I try hard not to list any duplicates.. .. each are in excellent condition. The ladies today loved these photos..and wanted to try some of their hairstyles!!

Here is to great love! Happy memories...and beautiful photos!!


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char said...

What a great story. In this day and age few people are married for sixty= years!! How nice to hear people's memories of love and for them to have an outlet to talk about distant memories.

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