Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Welcome to Chatham Ho Treasures Vintage Photos

The begining of the blog....

I have often wanted to write about all the wonderful photos that I have come in contact with. It seems that an ebay listing doesn't give one enough time to really delve into some of the photos, and most of them just move on to different homes without a word. (not very nice to some of these beauties now is it?)

So as some of the images come out to make their public debut, I will be posting occassional comments on well as "what to do with all these vintage photos" If you are anything like me, you have beautiful images all over and love to surround yourself with these works of art!
We encourage your comments and appreciate your imput.

If you click on the photo, you can find this in my ebay store..

Don't you love color tinted photos? They are sooo uniquely done...of course when the photographer didn't have much experience with color...wellm it can really be an OOPS(have you ever seen some of those orange faces out there?)...but when he did know how to work with color...well, it is nothing short of an image that appears just like a it!
This lovely gal..has the most beautiful colors. It was done by a photographer in Michigan circa 40s.
Oh...framed and in a room with pinks and purples beautiful...
Enjoy the glimpse!


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