Friday, July 18, 2008

The Art of the Snapshot

A few months ago, a professional artist friend of my husband's came over. I was busy in the kitchen working on photos, and he suddenly was enthralled by all my old snapshots. (I have thousands of them). I must confess that I am the type of person that loves the posed portrait, especially some really nice ones from the 20s, or some extremely special cabinet photos. But our artist friend, really didn't want to look at those. Instead he loved the snapshot.

He would pick one up and tell me about the lighting, and how it would make a beautiful he wished he could spend hours looking at each and every little photograph.

This opened my eyes to look at photographs differently. Although primitive sometime, they represented to him, a true form of art. The art of the emotions of the photographer.

This week, I have several collections of old photographs on auction. I will always carry snapshots in my store, but I have been busy hunting more estates and have found sooo many snapshots..that I decided it was time to list them. This one that I have in auction is from a lot of photos from 1915- 1920s and it is of a woman sitting on a rock with odd, guess I never considered that graffiti would be part of life almost 100 years ago...
A very unique image...
I guess it is time to get out your snapshots and take a look at some of the art that you have created....

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