Saturday, October 3, 2009

Navigating around Ebay these days

Lately there have been a lot of changes in Ebay. I have discussed this last year in a number of posts and have been very involved with other sellers trying to get our voices heard...and some things ebay really listened to us in...yeah!...(they are stilllll Changing!!)

so now there are some new changes that as buyers it is important to know:

As you probably know- there has been a BEST MATCH component to finding items at auction.
instead of NEWLY LISTED or ENDING SOONEST, the default goes immediately to BEST MATCH.

This is because the company wants us and wants you to BUY IT NOW.
so BUY IT NOW items are higher in the best match...except when the auctions are almost over.

now for me, I usually list lower prices in my auctions then i do for buy it now. (if you want a deal...the auctions are really the way to go!) I like auctions...and i like the fun they are..and when there are things that I want to buy.... if they are at a "buy it now"..i may never FIND it..let alone BUY I am an auction girl all the way.
(unless it is a book or something)

so I ALWAYS go to the pull down screen that says Best match and change it to NEWLY LISTED. then i see all the new things that have been listed in my section...
then I change it to ENDING SOONEST...and i see what is about to end on auction...
Now, I collect information from ballet from the 1920s and am always hunting thru auctions for things on this subject (as well as gifts for others and so on)

So the news is that the BEST MATCH feature will soon be even more modified...and you will see MOSTLY buy it now in the best match setting. As sellers, we just got this news the other day. so I wanted you all to know how to work with this feature.

The reason is Ebay is changing..and trying to find it's way...with a new CEO and loads of losses in its company...Ebay is trying to understand the marketplace..(that and I dont think that the current CEO of Ebay knows anything about auctions!!)

BUT...I still think that Ebay is the BEST place to find unique and unusual things...but it is changing and I wanted you all to know about some of these changes...

ah well...happy photo hunting...
just wanted to pass this information on to you...
another day for more ebay discussion...
time to look for those old ballet magazines!!


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