Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where do I put all these Vintage Photos?

Adorable little Girl. A bit nervous of the camera, but then she gets into it :) These Photos are from a photographer who took a lot of childrens photos in the 1940s-1950s. She is just too cute.

Where is the best place to store lost Art? To store someones fondest memories, greatest loves, or secret moments?

Its been a few months since I moved out to the East Coast & I am still unsettled. I have my store area organized, but I have moved it (or had it moved on me) 3 Times! GRR!!!
That's a lot for me.
I'm getting a bit frustrated to say the least.
I just don't want to misplace any of these treasures & I want to make sure to store them properly (away from heaters & windows!) I have so many photos, they take up a huge area in my living room!

It got me thinking. What do people do with all their photos? Most of the photos I find have been stored in someones basement, or the back of their closest for years, just waiting to be seen! Sometimes they smell like mildew (I hate that!) and sometimes they look as though no one has touched them for over 100 years, in perfect condition! What is their secret? And is it better to have a well loved photo or a photo in mint condition?
Funny thing is the photos in mint condition sell better, but I am sure they were not as highly valued by the owner (probably not framed or even taken out of the box). Its difficult to set a price on "value." What is the true Value of an item? To one person it is garbage, good for nothing. To another it is their most prized possession. How sad then, when finally a trove of photos are found people toss or sell them.

Well, Spring has arrived (as of March 20th!), and I have funneled all of my frustration with moving my store from one corner of the room to the other into planting!!

Yesterday I planted a delicious herb garden with Lavender, Dill, Parsley, Oregano, Cilantro, Sweet Basil, & Sage. Or should I say, I "started" the seeds. Meaning, I am keeping them in a plastic container in my window sill to help the seeds get started (without fear of frost).
I think my husband (who purchased the seeds) was just trying to keep me from getting too upset at him for moving my stuff around, but it worked!
I cannot wait to see them bud..... In life it is just as important to have something to look forward to, as it is to bring closure to our past (boxing up old photos :) & order to our present!
Enjoy today, Jjay

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lovefamilymemories said...

Good morning,
Ahhhh...I have an answer for your question. I have THREE Power Sort Boxes. They are made by Creative Memories. They organize up to 2400 photos with room on the lid for the larger photos. I love this solution.
You can view them at
then go to "shop products" then "traditional scrapbooking" then "organizers." I can send you a better photo via email. Here are the specifications:

• 1 Blue/Green Power Sort Box with cover
• 12 compartments
• 12 dividers
• Instruction booklet


• Photo-safe
• Holds up to 2,400 5 x 7 photos
• Removable compartments and dividers
• Detachable cover and base
• Pocket on the inside cover for larger photos and memorabilia
• ID pocket on the front
• Ships flat, assembly required

It is, by far, the best solution for the age old question of how to store our precious photos SAFELY. Have a wonderful day!

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