Thursday, March 5, 2009

the roaring 20s

*Lovely 1920s Wedding Photo. They went "all out" This was an expensive wedding, with designer hats & dresses. They did not skimp on this one! It is my "fave" of the week. Just Gorgeous!

I'm reading this excellent F. Scott Fitzgerald book right now entitled "Tender is the Night"
In it he speaks of the disillusionment of the American people just before the great depression.
Unfortunately I see way too many parallels.

The Americans are frequent travelers and are known as belonging to the most powerful country on earth. As tourists they make up a majority of the earned income in their various vacation spots, spending upwards of millions of dollars per season. All this in the roaring 20s.
The 20s were called the "roaring 20s" because it was a time of great excitement & there was much to be said. The war had ended, the soldiers returned. There was a giddiness, a playfulness & and an anticipation for the all that was to come. Sadly, the only thing they did not expect was the Great Depression.

We too have lived in a world way too consumed with our own consumerism. Do you ever find that when you walk into a store you walk out with much more than you actually needed? Or that you are more willing to buy that extra shirt, shoes, and not give the same amount to someone in need? Thankfully, now is the time to ask those questions, to reconsider how & why we spend what we spend. (or for others to question why we invest & save where we invest & save? For even that can be dangerous (aka Madoff)

So, what do we have left of these roaring 20s, these spendy 1990s? Lovely pictures. Great shoes.
I guess, all we can do is appreciate what we had, and remember that life is not about what we have or have not, but how we live or live not.

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