Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vintage Double Wedding Photos!

Seeing Double? Nope! Its just Double WEDDING Week in my store & I had to share it with all of my blogger friends! These are just too unique & are rarely ever found!! 1 in 500 & I have 3 of them!!! (That is also because I sell a lot of photos-higher possibility of finding the "golden ticket")

Lets look at the facts...according to Wikipedia, of course, "A double wedding is a single ceremony where two affianced couples rendezvous for two simultaneous or consecutive weddings. Typically, a fiancé with a sibling might plan a double wedding with that sibling. In the Philippines, however, the wedding of two siblings within the same year is considered bad luck and is called sukob."
OOPS! I think these couples may be guilty of this Sukob!

Did you know that "Double Wedding" is also the name of a film in 1937?

Honestly, a double wedding is such a foreign concept, especially since the brides I am familiar with are insanely selfish about their wedding day (including myself of course!)
But, in this economy it might just be a better option for friends & siblings...
Who knows maybe the idea of double weddings will gain some renewed popularity?!
All I know is that they make for excellent vintage photos...


Anonymous said...

My sister & I had a double wedding in 1973 & although her marriage only lasted 7 years to her first hubby mine has been 36 years this June 9th.
It was quite special sharing our wedding day!
Nice post & pictures of double weddings!!!

Jjay said...

Thank you for sharing that! How funny that one lasted many years and one did not...I guess a wedding doesn't make a marriage!

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