Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The EXTRAordinary

Extraordinary Vintage Wedding Photo. Why is it Extraordinary? Look at the little girl holding the train of her dress. Look at their hats & lovely outfits. Incredible & in incredible condition!

Besides my own auctions at (hopeless plug in) here are few extraordinary things I found while looking for the ordinary....

1. Japanese Corrugated Cardboard Furniture ($28.80) Don't ask me why this stood out, but maybe its because you can make your own furniture out of cardboard!! (I have tons of that!)
2. Prince Charles Love Letters ($30,000) Enough said. wow. Thats too much money for a depressing storyline.
3. The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss!! ($1,505) Who knew he had secret artwork? How cool is that!

4. A New Website by Ebay called World of Good!! I love it! Everything is fair trade, recycled & helps to promote awesome habits in today's society. So my question is this, are vintage photos considered "recycled items" on their site, since I am saving them from being thrown out? In order to sell on their new site I have to be identified by a third party as being Eco-friendly. Apparently Antiques are not necessarily considered "recycled items"....but maybe they just don't want the site flooded with antique dealers!
If you find anything extraordinary while searching for the ordinary, let me know. Jjay


catherine simms said...

Thank you Jjay for all your Great information! Keep it the blog!

Margaret Cloud said...

That photo is so very nice. I am going to check out ebay new Website World of Good, have a great weekend.

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