Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1920s Awesome photo album& Antiques Roadshow

I just got through listing a GREAT photo album done by the family of the photos that I listed a few weeks ago (the ones of the surreal gal named Pauline Carrier and her on a bicycle) This was a photo album that Helen Carrier did for her dad...and he was the brother of Pauline.
This album is from 1926- 1930s and is SOOO FUN...the images I show here are hardly anything compared to all the neat things inside.

Helen makes notations on ALL the photos which in turn tells the family the end she even gets engaged and you meet the man...sooo cool! but in the meet her brother Bud..well Bud has a thing for goat carts..and he has plenty of them as well as his favorite goat Nanny...sooo fun ..

there are loads of photos of Bud and Helen dressed for parties as well as a neat image of a Valentines party....
Here is Nanny pulling yet another cart in the snow!

anyhow..this is the COOLEST ALBUM..and although I WANTED TO KEEP THIS...ah in college..what can i say???

This is my BELOVED SUGAR DOLL BECAUSE GUESS WHAT??? GUESS WHERE I AM GOING ON SATURDAY???? I am going to the Antiques Roadshow in Grand Rapids Michigan on Saturday with the hubby..

This doll is made completely of sugar and is from early huh?I will tell the story after I go to Antiques Roadshow (I will update on Sunday)

sooo cant wait..what fun....

so for neat 1920s photo albums and antiques roadshow...Lovely summertime!


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footnoteMaven said...


I've always wanted to know what it was like at the Antiques Roadshow.

You are so lucky. Please be sure to tell us all about it.


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