Friday, August 7, 2009


This is the Momma...and I just wanted to write to let you know what my wonderful daughter has been doing...while you might have been looking for new daughter has been working day and night helping me with my mothers estate sale!
today we had the sale ...and this photo is just what it was like!!

after a long day..(many months in the making) she ran home to post..."i only have a few photos up..i have been so busy!!"
she is truly a great daughter...and now i have fully caused her to be addicted to photos as well!!
ah a true mother and daughter!

hope your summer is great.....we ...are still digging out of the sale..(over tomorrow)
bittersweet...(my mother would have had so much fun at it!) but wonderful to share with my daughter....

cathi (jjays proud mom)

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Gillian said...

Of course she's terrific -- she's a bit of you after all.
I have been a bit quiet lately, getting set up to work all for myself and no one else! Very exciting.

I understand the sale would have been tough. But you didn't rush into it and just think those items now have a new beginning and a new set of memories to make.

All the best Miss Cathi!

From Gillian (Look Mama!)

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