Monday, July 27, 2009

"That snapshot stayed in my memory"

I found this wonderful story of a life long love affair that began with a single vintage snapshot & I had to share it....

"93-year-old from Arlington Heights pops question to former sweetheart, 92"
The newpaper article explains how this man met & fell back into love with his former sweetheart, after 8 long decades! Both were married, had children, and were widowed. Years later the woman sent a photo to the man of the two of them as children. As quoted in the Daily Herald:

"For McKitrick, marrying Beatty marks the culmination of a lifelong love story.

He recalls a day, many years ago, when the two of them stood in the Wisconsin sunshine and talked about how one day, they would marry each other.

"I still picture her as my third-grade sweetheart. I've carried that in the back of my mind since that time," said McKitrick, who counts among his prized possessions a photograph taken of the two of them about that time.

"That snapshot stayed in my memory," he said, "and her face stayed in my memory."

This is the reason why snapshots and old photographs are important.

Who knows, the photo may have been torn or smudged, but it helped to rekindle a love that had died out years before. To read more, please follow this link


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