Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home at Last~Finding Old Photos

It's a funny thing to go home, for some reason one turns into their old self.
For me, its the "High School Me" Since I've been home I've been to Starbucks a few more times than normal, and I even bought Wilco's new CD. (I haven't bought CD's for a long time!)
But, best of all my Mom & I went hunting for Vintage Photos! We found some fun ones, and I probably paid way too much for them, but then I justify it because I actually sell some of my treasures.

This was my favorite find. Its a 1920s Snapshot of a woman on the beach with her dog.
For some reason it looks like a painting. Like I have seen it before...Maybe its a painting I will do some day. I love the wood on the beach & how the tip of her dress is flapping in the wind. She looks content, and happy. She must be visiting Home.

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