Sunday, June 28, 2009

HAPPY 4th!

HOT...oh my it is HOT...this is the momma writing..because JJay is taking advantage of the heat and getting a, the not want more wrinkles!!!

Well, it is soon to be the 4th of July week...and THIS IS THE TIME TO TAKE PHOTOS!
(although..note to self: dont take too many photos of 4th of july parades...unless you know someone in them!!~ cant tell you how many funny photos I have found like that in my boxes!)

I love this photo of the kids at the is soo HOT
( was over 95 in the great Chicago area...HUMIDITY!)

BY THE WAY....HAVE A GREAT 4th...Happy Birthday America...Happy picnics everyone!!

oh and happy photos .......

and sooooon (I am so sure....) you will hear from Jjay again........after that swim in the pool that is!!

the momma aka cathi

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