Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White Orchid~Vintage Postcard Photo!

Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) From Brazil, Postally Used & dated 1908

Its my birthday in one day. So, as always, I have to tell my husband what I want.
Yesterday while we were at the store, a LOVELY WHITE ORCHID stole my glance.
It now sits on a ledge in my home.
Orchids are symbols of peace & beauty. I wore two flowers in my hair on my wedding day. My husband says their unique shape is "sensual." It made me wonder about Orchids in the past. If they were common in North America or not. Apparently the US has many native Orchids. Orchids of Wyoming, Nebraska, etc. (
I often list photos with Calla Lilies. People loved them back then & they still love them now! But, I have never found an old photo of orchids, till now! I searched through the wild wild web and found this vintage orchid postcard photo! Wow! Unfortunately it is way over priced, even for me....I will have to wait till I find some of my own.

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