Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peering into another world...

I should be used to this already. I've moved countless times.
Something inside me though just cannot understand.
I think it is that when I move to a new place I carry with me the expectations of the old.
Its almost as if I'm on the outside looking in, wondering if anyone can see my face peering out that hole.

Thankfully there is a liberating sense of adventure, like I'm a spy from a different world. Its exciting to learn my way around, to discover new little stores, & to walk fresh paths. The sense of loneliness & separation, unfortunately, creep in & try to overwhelm the adventurous spirit at times. Its then that I fight back & remember that I'm not alone peering out this window.

I guess that is why this photo is one of my favorites.
This vintage 1950s Photo is from Allan J. De Lay's personal collection(photographer for the Oregonian). I think it is of his kids. They are so cute looking out the window at the world below. I wonder what they see??

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