Monday, February 9, 2009

leap year...

I found this great photo among my Portland, Oregon collection & for obvious reasons made me think about leap year. Last year February 29th, 2008 was leap year day. Who knew? I don't think I even realized that last year consisted of 366 days! February consisted of 5 fridays & the next occurrence of 5 Fridays in the month of February is in 2036!! (leap year is every 4 years) I will be my mothers age by then! I wonder how the world will change... how much will a gallon of milk cost?

Since I forgot to celebrate it, and I'm assuming a few others might have forgotten to celebrate it--Happy Late Leap Year! Hope everyone is sticking to their New Years Resolutions...its been more than a month~now is when we begin to forget we ever made resolutions!
Revive those resolutions & get to work on renewing your body, soul, mind, & relationships.

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