Thursday, February 12, 2009

The day of ones birth...

The amazing part about birthdays is that even though I hate celebrating my own, I LOVE to celebrate other peoples!! Happy Birthday to my husband, my mother-in-law, best friend, & grandma, who have birthdays this coming week!!

This adorable Vintage Real Photo Postcard Photo was my favorite find this week. So fitting. I just love that he has a homemade birthday cake sitting next to him with only one candle in it. It is dated July 12, 1948. A very historic year for many reasons. One of them, being it was the birth year of the state of Israel. Also, Mahtma Ghandi was assasinated & the game Scrabble was introduced to the public....
Birthdays are a funny thing. My philosophy is to just enjoy them while you have them. While it may be awkward to accept cards & pats on the back from coworkers & friend it can be encouraging to remember that you are appreciated & loved, at least on this day. The day of your birth.

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