Monday, September 1, 2008

A new week..Vaudeville photos...

The Hubby and I were out of town for the last gasp of summer this weekend.. so when I came home I couldn't wait to get to my photo room and go thru what I was going to list this week...and finally I couldnt wait any longer...I decided it was time to get out more Vaudeville photos.

Now, I LOVE old Vaudeville photos..
I have collected them for some time..and there are some that I cant ever give up...
but from time to time..i have to say goodbye to some of them...and this is that time..
so this week...I will be listing a grouping of Vaudeville photos..
I love them...the Glamour..the era, the name it...I find it all so beautiful...and I really like the ones that are not only of the Stars that we all know...but those that didnt really make it big ...those that spent all their lives making people happy...that struggled and were the background people....
oh the stories these photos tell...

This woman's name is Holly Desmond. She was from a family that were in Vaudeville before she was even born. Mom and Dad Desmond had been hoofers and comedians in Vaudeville during the early 1900s and as they had children, they just made them all a part of the act..and the act was called the Desmond Family revue....I have many of their photos and they all look so happy..

One of Mom's portraits has a notation to Holly and it says: "to the one that taught be the meaning of mother."

kind of an unusual sentiment..looks like Holly must have said..."MOTHER!, just be my mom and not just a performer!"

anyhow...some neat images..I will have a few snapshots going up as well this week from them..
as well as other Vaudeville and 20s Celebrity is those glamour shots...that I really love! oh the art of the portrait...sigh...
Have a great week...and a great new month!!



Margaret Cloud said...

I like old Vaudeville photos these are very nice. My husbands mother was in Vaudeville with her Uncle and his magic show, we don't have any of her photos, seems the Uncles wife had them and they became lost. Just coming by to say Hi.

cathi said...

what a wonderful comment!
wow..wish that the uncles wife would have cared about them!
thanks so much for the nice note!

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