Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Latest on the changes on Ebay....

"As cathi tells the new changes on ebay..ebayers become Aghast!"

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are Lots of new changes to Ebay that will be going into effect before the end of the year. Just to get you all up to speed on what is happening..

You should all be beginning to see some of the changes that are taking place on Ebay very soon, if you haven't already. One of the most obvious is the new search page, a page that is set to a BEST MATCH feature. That feature pops up automatically and doesnt show what is ending soonest or what is newly listed. You have to go to the tabs and find this. This does "hide" things sometimes..and the new search page is still awkward to navigate... tonight it seems to be set on my ebay with no option to opt out..meaning they must be ready to release this very soon.

Ebay will no longer allow us to take any money orders or checks. I do not understand this new ruling at all, except for the fact that paypal is owned by ebay..but it is a problem..because i have many ebayers who just like to deal with money orders or checks. this is going into effect in October.

You will all soon have a new My ebay page. Things are very moved around..prepare to be confused..I think that there are still several bugs in this this probably wont begin for another month or so....sellers are very frustrated as they have taken away some of the information we use we are trying to talk with ebay about this.

The listings pages have changed..(this is what i have tried to spend alot of time working on with ebay) this will be in effect around the end of October.
They are very hard to manuver and they are definatly not as pretty as the listing pages now..they have stuck us with some wide ugly margins that they want to do advertising on!

Feedback will continue to evolve. I think this will continue to change as there has been quite an outcry on the new system.

If any of you want to write the company regarding any of these changes here is an email address (they are VERY hard to find..ebay stays rather illusive) , this is head of the design team and her name is Subha. If you have any problems with what is going on and you are a buyer...PLEASE write to her..she seems to listen to buyers much more than us sellers..

so that is the latest update...we have had 1500 sellers protest..but this is something that seems to be happening whether we like it or not...sooooo.....

Thanks for listening...and oh by the is my 32nd anniversary september 19th! yeah!
good husband..happy


Anonymous said...

I agree...I too am a little frustrated with ebay and their feedback policy of no negs for buyers...seems buyers can be deadbeats and get away with it and not leaving any feedback won't work either so how are we supposed to see buying history if the truth is with held. I do use PayPal for buying but as a small time seller opt not to use it because of the added cost for transactions. But I reckon if I want to play the eBay game I have to follow their's not like I can go sell somewhere else either.

gail and callie

cathi said... is definately a hate/love issue with ebay..frankly i love ebay..just sad at some of the changes..
hope that they decide that the "new coke" is not as good as the "original coca cola"!
thanks for the note!

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