Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What do you do with all your old photos?

Often, when I am mailing out photos to some of my customers..I am caught wondering..
what do they do with their photos?

Now I have all kinds of customers..some are painters..so I imagine the photos hung all around the room for inspiration.

Then I know I have customers who use them for collage art, so I picture them scanning endlessly and working very carefully to create just the perfect image.

Others work with fashion, and I am sure they stare at the fashions deciding what can they do with the fashions of old to blend with today.

Then there are the advertisers.. I am still hoping to see one of my old photos on a Geicko commerical!

And there are the collectors....
I am one of those..

you can come into my home at any given time..and find all sorts of pretty images framed and around my house, hanging on a wall..and in a beautiful frame on a book shelf..
they look like family..but i have no idea who they are..

I collect because an image strikes me..not because it is a big name, tho there are collectors that do that..
or because it is a certain era..
nope it is all about the photo for me..

that is why I list from so many different eras..I just fall in love with the photos..

What do You do with all your photos???



OhFaro said...

I use vintage photo's of beauties as backdrops for my hair creations. I love the old diva's peeking at my work, it adds some charm that I believe has become a branding for my shop. I've gotten some very fun images from you!


Cathi said...

and your items are BEAUTIFUL!!
THANK YOU!!!for letting me be a part of them!!

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