Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rita Martin ~The Kings Speech~ New Ebay Fees

Rita Martin was a photographer in England (1875-1958). She was THE photographer for those that were in the high social rankings in England and even photographed Queen Elizabeth, and the Queen mother as a young girl. There are many of her photos that hang in the National Gallery.....and I have some of her collection!! YEAH!!

So ....that means..the movie the Kings Speech..yep..THAT family...Rita photographed..only in real life!!

Her photos are incredible..soo nice..that I have a hard time putting them up for sale on eBay..
(I you have any idea how tempting they are to keep???)
but I have 3 of them up currently....and they are beautiful..and one is signed by Rita. ahhhh..

Ebay has increased our fees..they now charge us for shipping. They want us to offer free shipping (meanwhile they are charging us a percentage of the sale on shipping) and they want us to do Buy it nows.

I do have buy it nows in my store..and all of them are free shipping..

i love a good auction...I mean..don't you?
Where else can you get a steal of a deal...and feel super great getting it..
or if you really love it..well you will pay for it...

I love auctions and I wish eBay would realize we still love them... shipping prices have to rise..(i am so sorry..i tried, i really did) but i still do great combined shipping...and
I have RITA MARTIN photos...and I mean they are a true WOW WORK OF ART PHOTOS THAT YOU WILL REALLY LOVE!
I will try to list a few a week...but it is like pulling them out of my hands..i have a hard time letting them go......soooo beautiful...

say...isn't Spring lovely???

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