Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jesse James is in the house!

could this be Jesse?

a couple of gun slingers..and in Jesse's gang of outlaws tintype

Belle Starr..Jesse's one true love?

Well, I am so sorry it took me so long to post..but wow, i have been wading thru Jesse James stuff..

So now it is up on Ebay and will be due on Monday, Nov 20

Things began to go so high, that I decided to save some stuff and not list it and give it to the high bidder..
so the highest bidder is in for some real surprises, letters from Jesses grandson, a negative of his wife..and oh so much is crazy all this Jesse stuff.

Years ago, I used to visit St Joseph Missouri..such a neat town. It was where my mother's step fathers 2nd wife (got that? so basically No relation) lived. Well, she never had kids, and her name was Millie . We called her Aunt Millie.

She used to take us to the Patee house, and I remember all the Jesse James things, the pony express things..

well in this historians collection I even found original dees for the Pattee house..crazy!

So this was quite a fun find..

Take a look if you are interested in Jesse...he is in the house right now..but not for long!!


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