Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do you ever feel like everyone is looking at you?

I love this photo...I felt like this yesterday...i had a fashion meltdown...
my hubby had all these things for us to do..we had a big event for his business and a party afterwords..and no matter what i just didn't feel like i had the right outfit....

when i saw this photo..i loved it...exactly how one feels sometimes..that the whole room is looking at you..

of course they usually aren't...but it just is that way sometimes.. the old photo world..i find many funny fashions..and definately ones that would cause me a fashion meltdown! i mean those tiny little waist dresses..ugh..those are really tough..
um...this would be ME in those fashions..(not really..but I sure would feel like this!)

ah well..thought i would share these photos with you................cuz do just feel like the room is looking at you


1 comment:

Gillian said...

Aren't you supposed to imagine them all in their underwear and laugh in their faces? Of course then you would have everyone staring at you and thinking you are a complete loon. < just can't win >

: )

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