Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christmas in September?

How annoying is this?
I am posting a Christmas photo!!

But I am posting it BECAUSE NOW is the time to begin to plan to make things..or start to buy things for the holidays..

Because if you will save money!!

It is a proven fact...that the more you plan...and buy things in advance you will SAVE MONEY

soo..i am reminding you..(and myself!!)
so that you can begin to look for all those treasures that make a gift a GREAT gift!

I learned on an eBay powerseller post that if you buy thru some of these rebate can get a back to YOU if you buy thru their website.
what is the catch?
well..they are advertisers...and everyone today wants more they drive people to the website, you buy thru their portal..and get a check every month in the mail..
and it is totally TRUE
i havent had spam or anything from it..

if you are interested there are alot of sights.
but the one I work with is Big Crumbs so if you are interested in checking this out...
( and i mean there are some deals here) go to BIG CRUMBS
it is FREE to sign up..



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