Saturday, April 24, 2010

SOUND OFF: Do you like the new Ebay changes?

As of March 30th, 2010, Ebay as we knew it has radically changed.
Everything that was in peoples stores were released to the Core Search Engine
Giving people more ability to BUY IT NOW and getting people more and more away from Auctions.

I personally love going to selling at them..just love is the thrill of the hunt.....

But Ebay has been changing to mostly a fixed price format and as of April 1st, everyone who buys or sells on Ebay could feel it.

I am trying to take an informal survey of how everyone likes the new Ebay changes.
Some of you I have asked personally, but if I haven't and if you have not responded, please take a moment and write a comment and let me know how you like these new changes.

If you don't know the changes..or havent noticed is is like this:

Before, when you looked for would be 40,000 photos that were in the entire category..
plenty to choose from!!

but now..
there are 430,000+ photos in the category.

To me, it is kind of like being stuck in rush hour...being one of sooo many and getting lost in the crowd.

Now, this is not necessarily a bad for me..I found things very cheap because they were so hidden and no one else could find them...

but it also makes sellers struggle...kind of like being a retailer in an average size town with competition to stay in business...
to having a HUGE MEGA MALL grow up next to you...and trying to keep your sign lit up so that people can see you over the HUGE MEGA MALL sign...
kind of like that..
and that means that many of the smaller ebay sellers just wont be able to continue as Ebay continues to go more and more with big sellers and lots of "buy it nows"

please sound you like the new Ebay changes???
Comments please!!


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