Thursday, April 1, 2010

NEWS UPDATE: JJay is moving to Germany

Well, after helping me out and working on ebay and developing her own beautiful middle going to be moving to Germany with her hubby! They have been offered a Wonderful job..(it is one of those save the world type of jobs) and she is currently liquidating her inventory....This job opportunity came up quickly and it is something that she and her hubby have been waiting for..for a long time...and now, the time has come and she has to leave shortly. (sniff sniff)

if you love her photos...
then please check on Catherine Simms Bridal and buy buy buy because you will not see these kinds of deals very often. She also has a website named Uncle Bing's photos and things
so check it out.

After she leaves, I will go back to selling Loads of Wedding photos ...and will also offer photos from 1950s as well as all the items that I carry now.

Mom is has been fun talking to her every day...working on a business together...

but Mom is also SO proud!!

so check it out in the next week..she is leaving soon!!

Have a great ebay day!!
and enjoy that WONDERFUL sunshine...
(i am heading to the garden now!!)


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