Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well, if you look at my last post compared to my post will see that
I have not posted in 6 months!! Crazy..
Well, Do  I have a story to tell you..
 a few months ago, I had a daughter with a broken heart..
She and her boyfriend of 3+ years broke up..he just decided he did not want to be married and she, who lived overseas came back home.

To say she was devastated would be an understatement. This was the man she was planning her life with.

So, she picked herself up, worked like crazy..and my small house got full real fast as she kept trying to keep going..

But as most fairy tales go..
Suddenly ..he realized that there really was no one like her...

so he came her from another country..moved his whole life...left his family..friends..
to marry the woman of his dreams..

and (it took my daughter a few moments) she said yes...and the last few months we have been planning a wedding...

He was just scared...

and she..just realized she couldnt live without him..

so i have been juggling planning a wedding, doing my business and life in general...

but in the meantime..i was a bit busy doing some fun things...with photos..
and wanted to show you..

(also have used these in wonderful decorating!!)






now these were done with an upgrade in a program where you can color the faces in..and use airbrush..this is all online and wow is it worth it..
when i worked on these, it was like the people came alive!!

hopefully when this wedding is over (i only have 10 more days!!)
then i will be able to show you ways i used some of these for decor in is soo fun!!

anyhow..signing off for now..this is the frazzled but happy mother of the bride..

cathi is a photo of the happy couple..yes, we have a good photographer!!

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Anonymous said...

intéressant cette transformation avec une pointe de couleurs

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