Friday, January 6, 2012

oooops ..Happy New Years and Photo dreaming

Vera Dawn Walker Early Female Pioneer Avaitor


I never did post or even make the old photo ornaments for this Christmas..

Christmas is always a BIG thing in our home..and usually we have a theme and decorate with that theme..always fun...and each year..I am sure I will work with old photos..
and each year..i come up with some other idea instead..
sooo there will be a day that I will post how to do it..but I am so sorry ...I just changed my mind..and decided to do Gold and Ivory and we 3 kings...making loads of cut out flowers on Cricket..but that is another story...

Back to photos..
Well, during the holiday season, a good customer of mine, called me up. He was going to move, his mother was quite ill, and he had to put her in a home, and he and his family were moving to her home. That meant packing..and moving..and he loved collectables but had too many..
so would I be interested in some photos..
(would I?? foolish question!!)

so I ran to his home..and got some wonderful unique photos that you will be seeing throughout the next few was sooo much fun............( one is posted at the top of this post)

So keep your eyes open to Chatham Ho Treasures on ebay..cuz there are so many goodies coming up...

For the love of photos...............

do you ever just look at your photos..get lost in your old memories and take a trip in the past while looking at them?

Tonight, as I was getting going through my old photos to get my listings together for the weekend, I found myself doing that...As I looked at them one by one....A warm feeling came over me, and memories began to flood my mind...memories of my own family...with similar photos...and as I kept looking at the almost felt like having friends around me...reminding me of the past..saying.."remember me!! Dont forget!! remember me!"

Our history is always with us...and sometimes we learn from it, sometimes, we laugh at it, things we might have thought or how we looked long ago, and sometimes we might even get angry with that history, or sad...but I really like those times when our memories just fills us with a comfortable old friend..that is what those photos did for me tonight.............. photo know what i mean..

have a great week...and a wonderful 2012!

and happy hunting..for the most unique images yet.......................


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