Friday, July 16, 2010

Eastman's Solio Print out paper photographs

I do apologize for being so late on updating my blog..but oh has been SUMMER and the sun is shining..the flowers are blooming and it is HARD to work!!

anyhow..the other day, I came across this wonderful BIG box of stuff from an estate.
It was full of all sorts of unique photos, cabinets and so on..

But then i found..the most interesting thing...
a packet of Solio paper photographs from Eastman.

Well, of course that is the Eastman of Eastman Kodak, and the era is early 1900s.

But what is really GREAT about these photos is this.
Solio paper is a print out paper..meaning the sun develops them... a neat process but not so good to keep these kinds of images for long periods of there would be lots of fading

And through the years..there have been alot of photographs that have been lost to fading..

But this package was all kept together, in an envelope..for i dont know how long....meaning that the images were crisp and fresh and not as faded as you would expect for 100 years. especially on SOLIO paper.

Rare indeed, So I listed them this week on ebay and these are a few of my favorites..
and it was a history lesson for me..

oh of soon as i listed them..i covered them in archival covers, and put them in a drawer..they dont need any more light if they are going to make it another 100 years.

Neat items..

Well..have a great summer..I hope in your travels this summer you find some good surprises...and take time out and enjoy the sun! my spare time, i have been playing with ZAZZLE as you might be able to see..really a lot of fun..
check it out if you like..there are all sorts of cool things on that website

As always,


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