Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things to do with old photos

Well, I have been MEANING To do this...and Thinking of doing this...
But FINALLY I DECIDED to do this..

I am going to be posting things to do with OLD PHOTOS

I mean..really I love old photos..but what to do with them all???

So, I made a few ACEOs tonight
They ALWAYS measure 2.5x3.5
and are made of all kinds of things..painting, collaging, photos..you name it..

So I decided to look around the house and find some pieces of paper..and copy a few scans of photos and try my hand at them..

Very simple..and wonderful for that little gift for someone that you just dont know what to get them...

Project #1 ACEOs are something that are a GREAT use for old photos...

I will be posting some more things to make... (as soon as I make them!!)


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