Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its a rainy day & I'm waiting for my rainbow

1920s vintage photo of a lovely girl. who, in my opinion, looks like shes waiting for a rainbow... a bit of color, a splash of life, something exciting. She is all dressed up with no where to go...

"The best thing about a storm is the rainbow that appears at the end of it.

Its been raining a lot here.
Dreary days.
Cloudy skies.
And now, very green grass.

Sometimes life is filled with little storms.
Lightning that illuminates our situations.
Thunder that wakes us from our sleep.
And rain drops, like hail, that pound at our window sill.

There is something so beautiful about the rain.
It washes away the dirt and quenches our deepest thirsts.
Rain, like water, fills.

Its been raining a lot.
For what feels like months.
And only just today did I see a rainbow in the sky.
A full half circle.
Then, the blue sky invaded pushing the gray away."


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